Pediatric Foot Care

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Pediatric Foot Care

If your child has foot pain, walking issues, coordination problems, or a sudden foot or ankle injury, consider pediatric foot care. Trent Brookshier, DPM, and the team at North Park Podiatry in San Diego, California, can help your child develop healthy feet and ankles, and they’re always here for support in times of problems and injuries. Call the office or use the online scheduler to book your child’s pediatric foot care appointment.

Pediatric Foot Care Q&A

How can kids benefit from pediatric foot care?

If your child has persistent foot pain, swollen feet, frequent falls, difficulty walking, or coordination issues, it's essential to schedule an appointment at North Park Podiatry as soon as possible. The team are experts in foot and ankle care for kids.

When any component of your child's feet and ankles doesn't function as it should, the body adapts to that defect. That compensation can lead to coordination problems, balance issues, and chronic pain that may persist into adulthood. 

The North Park Podiatry team can correct foot and ankle issues in the early stages, allowing your child to walk, jump, and run through their entire life in good health. 

Pediatric foot care can also help with sudden injuries during sports or at home. 

What causes foot pain in children?

There are many reasons for foot pain in children, including:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Ligament sprains
  • Sever’s disease
  • Bursitis 
  • Stress fractures

Foot pain in children often occurs in the ankle or heel, but it can also strike the forefoot or midfoot. Foot pain is never normal, so don’t hesitate to schedule an evaluation with the team at North Park Podiatry when your child is hurting. 

Are flat feet normal in children?

Yes, flat feet are normal for young children. As your child starts walking, they’ll usually develop a foot arch. By the time they’re a teenager, they should have clear, well-defined foot arches.

Young feet are highly pliable, which means that arch problems are correctable early in life. If your child doesn’t develop foot arches — a condition called pediatric flatfoot — North Park Podiatry can prescribe solutions like custom orthotics to encourage arch growth. 

Is going barefoot bad for children?

No, at least not if it’s done the right way. Going barefoot inside your home, where the floor is clear of obstacles and sharp objects, is good for foot development. 

What pediatric foot care treatments are available?

North Park Podiatry offers comprehensive pediatric podiatry care, including:

  • Physical therapy
  • Immobilization, like support braces
  • Activity level or duration changes
  • Custom orthotics

In the most severe cases, children may need surgery for foot problems like a too-short Achilles tendon that inhibits normal walking. But, in most cases, the experienced team of podiatrists can help your child develop and maintain excellent foot health with simple conservative care. 

Get help from the caring pediatric experts at North Park Podiatry by calling the office or using the online booking tool today.